There are no crazy languages in web design ! However, ” Web design ” and ” Web development ” are two different things. This article will show you what is the difference between web design and web development.


The difference between web design and web development
Web Design


Web Design

It includes the use of graphic design software to design a website from the beginning. Adobe has products such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe XD (new).

The design of the interface in websites and web applications, including symmetry, color, layout, layout and other content.

Web designers usually understand HTML, CSS and JavaScript ( these are the front-end web development languages ). Therefore, sometimes they also do front-end work ( web development ).


Web Design layout

The goals of Web Designer are:

  • Make UI ( User Interface ) design.
  • Focus on UX ( User Experience ).
  • Present their designs to web developers.
  • Make further changes to the design during the development process.


The difference between web design and web development
Web Development

Web development

The next step in web design involves applying these visual designs using a coding language suitable for the intended platform.

There are two types of developers, which are front-end ( client ) and back-end ( server ).

A person can belong to two types at the same time, we called that Full-Stack Developer.


The difference between web design and web development
Front-end v.s Back-end

Two parts for web development :

The front-end part is usually developed in languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

In order to improve usability, customization and appearance, frameworks or libraries such as Bootstrap (CSS/JS library), Jquery (JS library) and client-side frameworks such as ” Angular ” are used.


The back-end part includes the logic to build a website or web application. It includes creating a database and interacting with the database, providing security and services for the front end (REST / SOAP / XML).

Back-end developers usually work on sensitive parts of the website or web application, such as user login information, product database, account, and security. Languages such as Python, Perl, ASP.NET, JAVA and PHP are used for back-end development.


The goals of web developers are:

Front-end developers:

  • Check the design provided by Web Designer and develop it.
  • Design and develop the front-end part.
  • Present to back-end developers.

Back-end developers:

  • Check the front-end components that require back-end support.
  • Interact with the database to store data.
  • Build security components to display data only as needed.
  • Make an authentication system.
  • Use REST/SOAP/XML to provide web services to the front end.


If you want to participate in both processes at the same time, instead of learning all the image processing skills in Photoshop like other tools, you need to use the HTML makeup language (CBS style language), which defines the color and appearance of the elements in the layout.

If you want to add some user behavior response and other interactive content to real life design, you may also need to learn and use some Javascript.


Languages that usually used for web development :


This is the standard markup language used to create web pages. In addition, HTML can define the structure of web pages.

2. CSS

CSS is a style sheet language used to describe the appearance of web pages. If your webpage contains only pure HTML, people won’t view it, so add CSS to make it look more beautiful.

3. Bootstrap

After learning CSS, start with Bootstrap. This will help you create responsive web pages. Have you ever thought about how the web page will adjust itself if you want to view the web page on the desktop and then on the phone? Well, the bootloader can do this.

4. JavaScript

JavaScript is the programming language of the web. Go ahead and add some features to your web page.

5. jQuery

This is a JavaScript library used to simplify client-side scripting. In other word, knowing is a pleasure, not a necessity.

6. Php / NodeJS /

Used for any or all of certain server-side web applications.

7. MySql / Mariadb / Mongodb

Database that stores all data.



In conclusion, I hope I have figured out what web development is and what web design actually is !

If I miss anything, then Google search will provide more information and knowledge for your reading experience.

This article also enough to show that how to be a full-stack web developer.

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