The reasons of using PHP

Why PHP is the forefront of website development ? Let’s see the reasons of using PHP language comparing to other languages.
PHP is still one of the most common and practical Web development languages in the world today.
Its range of functions, a series of amazing plug-ins for extended functions, open-source nature and huge online community support make PHP a perennial favorite among novices and mature development organizations around the world.



So, what makes PHP such a popular and widely used programming language in the world?
Although most Web developers have a range of scripting languages, such as CGI, ASP, JSP, and Perl, most people tend to use PHP.
There are several reasons why this programming language is at the forefront of website development:


The main reasons of using PHP :

1. Easy to learn

PHP is one of the simplest scripting languages. Compared with other web languages, PHP does not require manual or in-depth learning.
The PHP syntax is logical and well organized. Even command functions are easy to understand because they tell developers what functions they perform.
Therefore, Web developers find it easy to create and optimize applications.


2. Extremely flexible

Whether during an processing project or after complete the project, PHP is very flexible. The flexibility of the scripting language is very important because we can change the functions at any time during the project.
The best part of PHP is the ability to make changes even after starting the project, which saves valuable time.
Developers do not have to write new code or command functions, because changes to existing codes and functions can be completed and used.


3. Easy integration and compatibility

PHP is compatible with most operating systems. It can easily run on different platforms, including UNIX, Solaris and Linux.
Since it can be integrated with other technologies (such as Java) effortlessly, existing software does not need to be re-developed. This saves time and money.



4. Efficient performance

Depending on the coding style of web developers, PHP has the potential to become an efficient language.
It is extensible when used to write code, and PHP can also to create a large number of applications. It is the preferred programming language when the website has multiple pages.


5. High cost performance

PHP is an open source web language, so it is completely free. There is no cost involving in purchasing expensive licenses or software.
It can work efficiently with different databases, such as MySQL, Apache, and PostgreSQL. The cost of using PHP to develop a website is extremely low.


6. Give web developers more control

Compared with other programming languages, PHP allows web developers to have more control.
Other programming languages are plagued by long and complex scripts, but this is not the case for PHP. A few simple lines of code are enough.
In addition, PHP allows markup, so website developers can add and/or mix HTML markup to make the content very dynamic.
Developers do not have to worry about placing the code in the right place when using PHP, because it is written between the tags.
Therefore, we do not have to write the functions and code in any particular order, as long as they are within the label.




Other reasons of using PHP :

1. We can downloaded PHP anywhere and using for web application events at any time.
2. Independent of the platform. PHP-based applications can run on any operating system, such as UNIX, Linux, and Windows.
3. PHP-based applications that connect to the database can be easily loaded. The main reason for using it is that it loads faster than another programming language under slower Internet speeds.
4. It has a less learning curve because it is simple and straightforward to use. People familiar with C programming can easily use PHP.
5. It has been more stable since a few years and provides continuous support for various versions.
6. It helps to reuse equivalent code without having to write lengthy code and complex structures for events in Web applications.
7. It helps to manage the code easily.
8. With powerful library support, various functional modules can be used for data representation.
9. PHP’s built-in database connection module helps to easily connect to the database, reducing the trouble and time of developing Web applications and content-based sites.
10. The popularity of PHP has spawned various developer communities, a small part of which may be potential recruitment candidates.


the reasons of using PHP


PHP has many advantages, some of which have described above. It also has some disadvantage, but it is still better to other programming languages.
PHP is a widely used programming language because many people are using this programming language to create different types of web-based applications. They like to use PHP because of its functionality and open source.
Developing custom applications that integrate with other programming languages does not cost money and can be developing.

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