Tips for mobile apps marketing. It’s not enough to just create a mobile app-marketing a mobile app is just as important. The best way to promote your app is through the App Store. You will benefit from including your application in it. But it is troublesome here.

There are nearly 1,500,000 applications on the market that are counting. How do you ensure that the app you create gets the attention it deserves? How do you turn off the red light of the app and make people crazy about your hard work? Now that you have created this wonderful application, how do you get people to spread and buy it? Let’s get to know…


Tips for mobile apps marketing


Simple tips on mobile app marketing

1. Is original

Creativity is always a virtue. Unless you are a true original creator, your chances of success are very slim. So you need to do one of the following:

  • Be the first developer to use your type of application or developer
  • Present existing categories of applications in a novel and unique way

Today, it can be difficult to come up with a whole new idea or category-too many of them are already in the App Store. Therefore, it may be safer to take the second option and present the existing concept in a different way.

Research the applications you want to focus on. What is it missing? How to improve?

Adding this unique feature will immediately arouse the attention of customers. This will help improve your reputation in any app store.


2. Plan your strategy

Without proper planning and implementation, nothing will work, so start marketing your application in a systematic way.

Stay focused on marketing products in unique ways. Develop a marketing strategy in advance.

Put yourself in the shoes of potential customers. If you were them, would you buy the app? Will the app attract you as a third party?

Try different ways to deal with the same concept, such as merging different categories to create new things.
Is your core market saturated? Why not try the exact opposite of what the market leader is doing? This will grab your attention almost immediately!


3. Create an effective point of sale

Before you start talking about the product, you need to create an effective marketing message for it.

You should plan a sales channel that sounds attractive enough for people to move on to the next step.


Tips for mobile apps marketing


Tips for mobile apps marketing

4. Build your website

Building an excellent website can effectively promote your products. Think of unique ideas and showcase your products in a way that attracts more visitors to your website.

Demonstrating the actions of the application also involves the human element. Tell people how and why they will benefit from buying your app. Your website will act like your best marketing tool.


5. Leave

It can be accessed on Twitter. This is a platform for you to pay full attention to, and it’s all free. You need to get people to talk about your product. Therefore, send as much information about it as possible and in as many ways as possible to create the necessary exposure.

Plan the conversation ahead of time and find ways to let people understand the benefits of buying apps. Twitter only allows 280 characters, so decide what and how you should say it.

Use a lot of humor and casual conversation when showing your product on Twitter. This will surely make people sit up and notice you. For example, saying, “Hey, people! Look at this new baby!” will immediately make you highly tweet.


6. Speak easily

Posting via social media is about ease, conversation and approachability.

Imagine that all the people who use social media are your friends. Just like your friends, talk to them.



Tips for mobile apps marketing

7. Get the blog

Create a beautiful blog and update it regularly. Understanding the blogosphere and social media are like Siamese twins-they always go hand in hand.

Technical websites and review blogs are also very useful in generating traffic, so please try to get your products displayed on these blogs.


8. Create media type

Create a good media promotion to promote your product. Developing unique products is of course important, but it is also important for media hype.

Create a free downloadable app press release to provide viewers with some high-resolution views of the product. In addition, make free use of promotional keys and gifts. Run product-related competitions and distribute related prizes to winners.

Invite well-known bloggers to distribute your promotional key for free. Try to find a specific category of blogs, and you will be able to get close to your target customers immediately without much extra effort.

In this way, many other blogs will follow and showcase your features on the front page. This is more effective and permanent than Twitter.


9. Teasing

Start your product hype early in the day. By discussing your product with players, make potential customers feel scared. Create some mystery around your product, maybe even have an “coming soon” page on your website, and pass it to your website to get a nice big mailing list.

The effect of creating video trailers is also very good. This will create some extra buzz on your product, even before its actual release.


10. Start Big

All the publicity you generate for your product should be an equally large launch. Send press releases to everyone and broadcast them on major social media. Hold an online event for the press conference and request media coverage. Make sure the spotlight is always on you.

If you want to be the “hottest” section of the App Store, then you have really accomplished your mission. A word of caution-once you start to achieve success, play down the hype and focus on providing a good product to your customers, otherwise all your efforts so far will become lax.




In short, no strategy is the only way to success, but the above tips can guarantee to make your mobile marketing work easier.

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