Twitter marketing strategy, novices can understand! Twitter has become an important platform for overseas foreign trade companies to carry out brand promotion and event marketing.


Twitter marketing strategy


What is Twitter marketing strategy ?

Twitter is a social media platform that has a great influence on overseas marketing. By 2021, Twitter will have more than 145 million daily active users, and Twitter will play 2 billion videos every day.

Therefore, Twitter is an important platform for many foreign trade businesses to spread their brands and enter the international market.

The marketing strategy derived from the rules of the social platform Twitter is very different from other social platforms such as Facebook.

According to the 2021 Twitter platform rules, some Twitter marketing techniques have been compiled for marketing partners to learn. I hope to help you, because even novices can understand it.


Twitter marketing strategy


Twitter marketing strategies:

1. Reduce the number of links in tweets

Research shows that unlinked tweets are more likely to generate fan interaction. So, there is no need to include a link in every tweet. The essence of the link lies in the essence and not in all sorts of things.

So if you limit the number of tweets that contain links, you will find that fan engagement for your tweets will increase.


2. Use the correct “#” tag

If you want to get more attention on Twitter, you can use the “#” tag, which will also strengthen the connection with your fans. However, the use of “#” is also exquisite, and should not be used blindly to enhance attractiveness.

At this point, you can use two easy-to-use tagging tools: Hashtagify and RiteTag.

Find the right tag through Hashtagify. Hashtagify allows you to find tags that meet your requirements. You only need to enter your tag keyword in the search bar of hashtagefy, and hashtagefy will generate a tag matching this keyword for you.

Check the relevance of tags through RiteTag. Once you have identified a tag, you can use the RiteTag tool to check its relevance to your Twitter.

If you combine these two tools, you will get effective hashtags suitable for your Twitter, thereby enhancing interaction with fans. This Twitter marketing strategy can attract more people who are interested in the content of the hashtags.


Twitter marketing strategy


3. Post a tweet with pictures

As we all know, tweets with pictures are more attractive than tweets without pictures, and can capture the viewer’s sight in an instant. The key is to choose the right picture.

If you can put the link on the picture, not only can you reduce the disgust caused by the repetition of the link, but it will also make the visitors more willing to click on the picture to see the link you want them to see. So if you have to put multiple links, you can choose to use image links.


4. Use proper typography

In our tweets, there will be many elements, such as text, pictures, links, # and @, with using @, must not be placed at the beginning of the tweet, so that viewers will subconsciously skip, and only @ people will follow , this will reduce attention. The combination of these elements will have a certain impact on the amount of sharing.

Of course, you can break the combination of these elements and even look for other elements. Innovation is a good medicine to catch visitors. For example, innovation in the title, tone of questions, or related quotations are all good choices.



5. Quote the most valuable words when forwarding

On your Twitter, in order to enrich your homepage, we often repost other people’s tweets. Do not think that forwarding is simply clicking a button and simply attaching an emoticon or a few sentences. If you pay attention to reposting well, you will also use other people’s tweets to get traffic to yourself.

Twitter’s new function called “quotet weet” allows 116 words to be added during the reposting process. At this time, you can express your ideas here and provide valuable information. The most effective way is to choose the most representative and valuable text among the reposted articles, so that your fans will want to read this repost more.


6. Analyze data and classify features

Twitter provides users with Twitter analysis, and you can view your most recent tweets here. By analyzing the layout and content of these popular tweets, you can obtain a good way to make tweets.

Enter Twitter analysis, click “Twitter” at the top to view the data.



7. Personalized user interaction

At present, the main age group of Twitter users is mainly young people, and the audience in this age group prefers personalized recommended content.

Through the interactive connection between content and users for personalized, Twitter users can feel that they are valued, and marketers who respond to users should also provide timely feedback.

There are also many Twitter marketing management tools on the market that can improve the Twitter marketing skills of marketers, reduce the advertising costs of overseas companies on Facebook, and reduce the time and energy spent on advertising by foreign trade companies, such as the OneSight marketing cloud platform.

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The above points are that Twitter marketing strategy hopes to better help you do Twitter marketing for overseas marketing. Of course, high-quality articles, high-quality pictures, good typography, and diligent analysis will add to your marketing efforts.

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